Having worked in the music industry for the past 18 years, Claudia Balladelli knows the beat - and while Yasmina Proveyer has been working in the industry for the past 25 years - she knows what's fresh. Back in 2014, they started a business relationship having met on a dancefloor and discovered their similar passion for world music and mutual friends - so working together was a natural plan.

​Over the last seven years, they worked together in various world music events, noticing the major gap in these type of events in Ottawa. As international artists tour in Canada, they rarely have a chance to come to Ottawa, so Claudia and Yasmina created this initiative to put Ottawa on the map for international artists. And at the same time, they witnessed other music organizations declining booking/staging these artists with the excuse that there is not a big enough “world music audience” to support these acts. After so many years witnessing this disconnect, Claudia and Yasmina decided it was time to create Axé WorldFest, founding it in 2018.

​Marilena Gaudio, joined the team in early 2021 to assist in various tasks of day-to-day operation and bring a fresh take on stage production.

Marilena Gaudio started her career at the University of Ottawa with an arts degree majoring in arts administration which lead her to an internship at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. She’s earned her stripes on the front lines of the Ottawa live music scene with five years as the manager of beloved local band The PepTides, live music programmer at local club Mercury Lounge, and currently at the National Arts Centre working with Popular Music and Variety as the Programming and Rentals Manager. In her current role, she overlooks the majority of local and emerging programming as well as community and national rentals. Marilena currently sits on the Board of Directors of Girls+ Rock Ottawa: a volunteer-run organization that uses musical programming to foster empowerment, inclusivity and community.

Additional Contributors are Alexandre Mattar AKA Zattar - responsible for all graphics and Moira Germann-Cisterna - responsible for website creation and editing.