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Out front and behind the scenes, Polky’s show with Axé WorldFest was top notch. It was one of the best-received shows we ever did and the Axé team provided us with everything we needed to ensure we were comfortable and that the performance rolled out smoothly. We love working with with Axé.” 

— Ewelina Ferenc, singer, Polky, and owner, Sweet Beets Music.

Axé WorldFest is led by sharp, bright women who are working to shape a better music industry. They bring to light cultural issues with elegance and respect, and it makes for a constructive, educational, and positive experience. We collaborated on a concert with Liniker in 2019, at the Dakar Music Expo in 2022 and 2023, and at Axé’s Empowering Women in the Music Industry Conference in 2022. Our sisterhood is strong and motivating.

Valentina Zanelli, Manager strategist for artists; funder of The Music Manager App; Outreach and International Relationships Specialist for Cultural Markets, Dakar Music Expo, Mapas Mercado Cultural, CirculArt, and Ariano Folk Festival.

Presenting the finest of both emerging and established local and international artists, Axé Worldfest has quickly evolved into a vital contributor to Canada’s global music landscape. Axé Worldfest’s generous spirit of collaboration has led to province-wide partnerships and block booking projects that have resulted in new performance opportunities for Latin and Brazilian artists such as Cimafunk, Lengaïa Salsa Brava, and JER.


 — Tracy Jenkins, Executive and Co-Artistic Director of Lula Music and Arts Centre.

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